Residential Water System Services

Are you looking for Residential Water System Services Near Olympia, WA?

American Pump and Electric loves to serve the residential community. We cover everything from drilling a well to filtering the water that comes out your faucet. 

We take pride in taking care of our customers to ensure their water system is running the best it can be. We are able to quickly get our residential customers on the schedule to make sure we get each job done right away. 

Piece of Mind 

With all sorts of different moving parts, water systems can easily become broken down and inefficient. By utilizing our residential water system services, you will rest easy knowing that your property's water system is pure and efficient. 

Getting a quote residential water services is easy. Just call us at (360) 754-7867 for a free estimate or contact us through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Our other services include water pump repair, water system inspections, well drilling, water system installation, well water treatment, and city water treatment

Keep in Mind

Unlike other water systems, pumps are not intended to run continuously.  

In order to provide consistent water pressure at the fixtures, the pump initially moves water to a storage tank. The air bladder located inside a modern water tank becomes compressed as the water is pumped in.

The pressure in the tank is what moves the water through the household plumbing system. Most well water is pumped out of the ground automatically using a submersible pump.

Our team at American Pump and Electric offers all types of well installation and service. Whether you need a pump replacement or a new water well drilled, we’ve got you covered!

Well Maintenance and Repair

Since wells and well pumps require occasional maintenance and repair, homeowners should be consistent with preventative testing and maintenance. For water well owners, there are two main priorities, one, is keeping the well pump working efficiently and two, protecting the well from unwanted pollution, bacteria and other contaminants.

To keep your well contamination-free, it is essential to prevent toxic chemicals from entering the ground near the well. We recommend checking your water quality every year.

By taking preventative steps, your water well system will serve you right. 

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