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Olypump is independently owned water well drilling contractor. Our highly qualified and experienced team works closely with you to keep you informed and do the best possible job from start to finish. We are licensed, insured and bonded for your protection.

We specialize in commercial, municipal, irrigation, and residential drilling projects. We have the knowledge and equipment to make sure that each project is approached with professionalism and attention to detail… and that it is done right the first time. We are your one stop shop for all Well Drilling Thurston County WA needs.

We have different programs in place to make sure that all water wells stay running at their top performance.

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We work very hard to meet time constraints and stay within the budget. Our #1 priority is high quality workmanship. We will go out of our way to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the level of service you receive.

We build lasting relationships by providing dependable and innovative services. We are a company that prides itself on having a friendly and knowledgeable staff available to answer your calls and address any questions and concerns you have. We know that no two wells are exactly alike, that’s why we deliver personal service in order to determine the best system for your needs. Our experienced technicians can diagnose your issue; service and repair pump components, and provide you with a comparable or more efficient replacement system, if necessary.

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Common Well Drilling Questions 

How long does it take to drill a water well?

On average a water well can be drilled in 1-3 days depending on the conditions of the ground, weather and water depth.

How deep can a water well be drilled?

Drilling a Water Well for household use will usually range from about 100 feet to 500 feet deep, but... When drilling a new well for your home or business, the depth of the well depends on the geology and underground water levels of the area.

Do you need planning permission to drill a well?

You do not need to get planning permission, or any other form of permission to drill a water supply borehole, as long as the quantity that will be pumped is less than five million litres per day.

How many years does a water well last?

Water wells use pumps that are used to drive water from the ground to your home. These pumps determine the lifespan of your well. Submersible pumps that are commonly used in many wells usually last from eight years to ten years. With proper maintenance and care, the lifespan can be increased to fifteen years.

Can you drink well water?

Most well water is safe to drink, but there can be health risks associated with well water used for drinking. Well water may contain microorganisms and chemicals that could make you sick. ... That means it's up to the well owner to ensure that well water is safe to drink.

Are deeper wells better?

Increases Water Supply: Shallow water wells are less than 50 feet deep. Water at this depth fluctuates more often. By deepening the well, you are creating more storage space for larger volumes of water that spring from underground. Better Water Quality: Shallow wells are more susceptible to surface contamination.

How much does it cost for a new well pump?

An annual inspection should cost $100 to $120. Meanwhile, prepare for a significant cost if you need a new well pump. It costs about $1,000 to replace and install a pump and related components in a shallow-bored well. For a drilled well, the price may approach $2,000, depending on shaft depth and pump horsepower.

How do you know if your well pump is going bad?

Some of the most common indicators of a faulty well pump and pressure tank include:
  1. Fluctuations in water pressure throughout the home.
  2. Strange noises or rapid clicking sounds coming from the tank.
  3. Spitting faucets.
  4. Scalding shower water.
  5. High electric bills.

Why does well water smell?

Generally, a sewage-like or rotten egg odor in your tap water results when sulfur-reducing bacteria grow in your drain, water heater, or well. These bacteria, which use sulfur as an energy source, chemically change natural sulfates in water into hydrogen sulfide-which emits a distinct rotten egg odor.

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Common Thurston County WA Well Drilling Questions 

Thurston County still issues Certificates of Water Availability (COWA) for single family exempt wells, while also thoroughly researching water availability in the County, and the implications of the Hirst decision. If you have concerns about a COWA or legal right to water, please contact an attorney. County staff are not authorized to provide legal advice to applicants or members of the public.

What does Thurston County need to know about my water source?

Washington state law requires the Building Development Center to obtain an assurance that permit-applicants have an adequate supply of drinking water available for their projects. Applicants provide this assurance by filling out a "Certificate of Water Availability Form."

I need to build a new well.  How do I go about doing this?

You will need to need to have Thurston County approve of your well site by submitting a Well Site Supplemental Application (SA 020). Click here for the application and a description of the process.

What must I do to connect to an existing well?

You will need to need to have Thurston County approve of existing well by submitting a Well Site Supplemental Application (SA 020). Click here for the application and a description of the process.

What other things might I be asked to provide?

  • Completed Certificate of Water Availability.
  •  Well site approval - Drawings of your well site must be included on your site plan and are approved during the site-plan review process. (This is required if your well is to serve as the source for a Group B or 2-party public water system. Click here for an explanation - SA 020.)
  • Well driller’s report - This report, also commonly called a “well log,” provides details about how your well is constructed.
  •  Water right permit (if required) - This permit is required if you will be drawing from a surface-water source. It also may be required if you will use the water for irrigation purposes.
  • Access easement (if required) - An easement is required if you must cross public right of way or another person’s property to access your well, or if your well is on another person’s property. To get an easement application for crossing a Thurston County right-of-way, click here (SA 015B).
  • Isolation covenant (two-party well only) - This form gives property owners the legal ability to control activities within 100 feet of their well that could affect their water quality. Click here for covenant forms.
  • Quantity test (pump test, air test, bailer test) - Your quantity test must demonstrate a minimum 400-gallon-per-day flow for single-family wells and a minimum 800-gallon-per-day flow for two-party wells.
  • Satisfactory bacteria and nitrate tests -These water quality tests ensure that your water meets drinking-water standards. If your building site is in a known or suspected contamination area, additional water quality tests may be required. To request that an Environmental Health Officer perform a well sample, click here for a "Certified Water Sample" application.
  • Assurance that no contamination source within 100 feet of the well

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