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Water Treatment in Olympia, WA

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American Pump and Drilling understands the value of safe and clean drinking water, particularly for rural homes that must rely on well water. We install and service the finest water treatment systems to remove hard water minerals, bacteria, chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals from the water that enters your home and flows from your faucets.

  • Our customers’ happiness and satisfaction are always our top priorities.
  • We bring a personalized approach to each job.
  • We deliver great value with our services—we never cut corners!

We’re unique among local contractors in that we offer complete start-to-finish water system services: well drilling, well pump installation, and water treatment system installation.

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Our Services

It’s our goal to see that your home or business receives the cleanest and safest drinking water. Here are some of the services we offer to reach that goal:

Benefits of Water Treatment

We consider water treatment important for most homes, but it is especially vital for homes that use well water. The water in these wells isn’t regulated by EPA guidelines and can contain numerous harmful pollutants. Proper water treatment systems ensure the water entering a house from a well is cleaned and purified so it is safe to drink. Water treatment can also remove hard water minerals that damage plumbing and chemicals that affect the smell and taste of well water.

Bathroom & Kitchen

The kitchen and the bathrooms are the rooms in a house that use the most water and where clean water is the most important. Our water treatment specialists can install local filtration and purification systems for the taps in these rooms. To find out more, call the American Pump and Drilling team and schedule an appointment in Olympia, WA.

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