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Reverse Osmosis Water Systems in Olympia, WA

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You want clean drinking water for your house, but finding which water treatment system will work for you can feel daunting because of the range of choices. American Pump and Drilling is a trustworthy local company serving Olympia, WA that can help you discover the best options, such as a powerful reverse osmosis system.

  • We’ve served the Puget Sound Area since 1977 with decades of industry knowledge.
  • Our customers’ happiness and satisfaction are always our top priorities.
  • We’re a great value because we balance quality with price—we never cut corners!

We not only install reverse osmosis systems, we offer repair and maintenance for them as well.

Call our helpful experts today for the best in clean and safe water.


What Is a Reverse Osmosis System and What Are the Benefits?

A reverse osmosis (RO) system is a type of water filtration system that removes a wide range of impurities. An RO system creates two different areas of water pressure, which forces the water to move through a fine semi-permeable membrane that catches many impurities standard filters won’t. With an RO system, you can remove heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, and hard water minerals. You’ll not only have cleaner and safer drinking water, but it will taste better as well—and it’s all much less expensive than buying bottled water.

RO Water System Installation

You’ll need our professionals to handle installing a reverse osmosis system. We can install whole-house RO systems if you use well water, and we can also install point-of-use filters for individual taps. We’ll go over the options that will work best for you.

Reverse Osmosis System Repair

Have a RO system that isn’t working properly? No problem! Call American Pump and Drilling in Olympia, WA and we’ll arrange for a prompt repair (or replacement if necessary).

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