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Ginger Hutton's Profile Image
Ginger Hutton, This week

It took a little while to actually get in touch with a person, but once I did they were able to quickly schedule me for the services needed and get the work completed.

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Nicole Chryst, Last week
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Kimbal A, Last week

WE had a new well and pump installed and it was a dream working with all the employees at American Pump and Drilling. No problems what so ever. *******************

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Cesar M, Last month

American Pump & Drilling was very responsive when our water system pump failed. They stopped by and diagnosed the problem, ordered the needed parts, and had us back on line within four working days. Taking into account that some parts needed to be ordered (supply chain is always tricky these days) I was rather impressed. The crew providing service was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I will definitely contact American Pump when future services are required.

Dave J's Profile Image
Dave J, Last month

Friendly and quick!

Alice M's Profile Image
Alice M, Last month

American Pump and Drilling performed testing of our well in a timely and professional manner. This was the second time we used this company and it says a lot about a company to have the same technician come each time and he remembered our property. We will certainly use their services again.

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Roger Hickey, Last month
Penny Kocan's Profile Image
Penny Kocan, Last month

American Pump is great! Brad, who comes out to do well inspections, is such a friendly and approachable guy too. He's awesome at his job and doesn't mind taking the time to explain the system components in a way that makes sense to a regular person.

Jeanette Klein's Profile Image
Jeanette Klein, Last month

We needed prompt service to our well and we got it from American Pump and Drilling
Honest and professional.

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Amy Childers, Last month

Great location..

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