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Backflow Prevention in Olympia, WA

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Backflow preventers are essential parts of the plumbing system for many businesses and some homes. You’ll require routine backflow prevention testing with licensed professionals to ensure your property’s backflow preventer is doing its job of protecting the water supply—whether a well or the municipal water system—from harmful contamination. American Pump and Drilling offers backflow prevention testing for Olympia, WA.

  • We’ve served the Puget Sound Area since 1977 with decades of industry knowledge.
  • We understand the importance of safe and clean drinking water.
  • We use a personalized approach on every job.

As soon as you know you require backflow prevention testing, call us and we’ll schedule a prompt test.

Leave your water services in Puget Sound in the hands of the experts!


Why You Need Backflow Prevention

A backflow prevention device is designed to stop cross-contamination of the freshwater side of a property’s plumbing by the wastewater side. At cross-connection points in the plumbing, the backflow preventer halts water from moving the wrong direction and drawing contaminated water into the freshwater pipes. This can occur because of a sudden drop in water pressure on the freshwater side (back siphonage), and this endangers the quality of water in the municipal system or a well.

Schedule Backflow Testing

A business or a home that requires a backflow preventer to protect the water supply must have routine testing for its prevention device. Only specially licensed experts can perform this job and give the backflow preventer a clean bill of health. American Pump and Drilling is the contractor in Olympia, WA to call when you need to schedule backflow testing.

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