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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

Call Today: 360-754-7867

Serving Puget Sound Since 1977


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3 Things to Remember About Well Drilling

There are huge demographics of people who are buying homes and property these days. You might be part of the next wave of home and property buyers, or someone who is gearing up to sell their home in the next ten years, but either way, there will be some major shifts. With property changing hands, we also see an influx in well drilling, since new homes start showing up on old property that doesn’t have access to water.

Many of our potential customers didn’t initially think they would be hiring a team for well drilling, but here we are! This is a necessary service that allows for clean water to be used by your home appliances, like laundry machines and faucets. Without a well, you might not otherwise have access to water. Before you start getting stressed out, make sure you keep reading and call us for residential well drilling in Gig Harbor, WA.

Gravity, Water Tables, and More

In order to accurately drill a well on your property, a lot of considerations must be made. You might look out over your porch or throughout your property for a nice little meadow where the water might be plentiful. But there’s a lot more to consider when it comes to drilling for a well.

For instance, there are special maps and monitoring devices to figure out how deep the water table is on a given area of your property. The ground might look wet and saturated, but the truth is that water could be a lot deeper there than in other areas of your property. And, the deeper the water table is, the harder it’s going to be to dig a well and get that water into your house.

Our team does its research before we dig anywhere. We make sure to let you know how gravity might affect your specific well, and what the local water table data says about the location you’ve given us.

A Well Isn’t Enough

Some homeowners think that getting a well drilled on their property and set up for home consumption is all that needs to be done, but that’s not true. Well water is a great source of water, but it’s not necessarily clean or free from contaminants yet.

We couple the wells we make with water purifiers or filtration devices to ensure that any dangerous contaminants are filtered out. We’ll even test your water before you drink it to ensure that it has no contaminants, or at least not enough to cause you and your family problems.

Going With a Professional

Trying to do all this work yourself can be a nightmare. The amount of heavy equipment and measuring devices you need to try and dig a well can be such a large investment that it’s almost never worth it. Unless you’ve been specifically trained for this kind of work, you’re going to see a lot of problems trying to take this task on yourself.

Do yourself a favor and work with a professional from our team. We’ll get the well drilled, set up, and we’ll even provide a water purifier or filtration unit to help turn any groundwater into a drinkable source of healthy water.

Contact American Pump and Drilling to have your well set up properly.

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