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3 Signs of a Broken Well Pump

Monday, January 1st, 2024

A well pump might not be as complex as some homeowners think. Yes, the technology is impressive and they should never be installed or repaired by anyone other than a licensed professional–but what they actually do is quite clear. A well pump simply pumps the water from underground on your property, and brings it into your house. Since it’s fighting against gravity, this might take some electricity and a little bit of ingenuity as well.

But if you turned on your faucet only to see a trickle of clean water come from your home’s plumbing system, then something isn’t working as it should be. Even an older well pump should still be able to provide you with a powerful stream of water when it’s needed. So, when it doesn’t, the sign should be clear that something is wrong and it needs repair.

Whether the source of the issue is your well or the pump itself, you need to call in well repair in Olympia so a trained professional can take a look at it. And here are some signs that it’s time to do that.

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