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Purification, Filtration, and Water Softening

Monday, November 20th, 2023

There are many different ways to treat your home’s water, but only a few of them might apply to your specific situation. For instance, if your water makes you sick due to some kind of biological contaminant, a water softener or water filter might not give you the same results as a UV light water purifier that eliminates viruses and bacteria.

This process can get very complicated, which is why we advise all of our customers to get a second opinion from a licensed contractor. Our team of water treatment specialists can not only test your water before we perform any service, but then we can use our experience and high-tech equipment to install the right water filter or purifier to make your water usable.

Whole house water filtration might sound intimidating, but we promise that our team will walk you through this process with ease!

UV Water Purification

First, let’s talk about purification. Many people use the terms “purification” and “filtration” interchangeably, but there is a difference!

Purification usually means the elimination of biological contaminants through UV light radiation or other methods. Purified water has no viruses, bacteria, mold, or mildew in it because it has been subjected to treatment that kills single-celled organisms. Don’t worry, when you install a UV water purifier, it doesn’t impact your own personal health. Think of it like the same amount of radiation as direct sunlight!

Try our new VIQUA ArrosTM which will purify your water with a high-powered UV light, but only when your home demands water! This cuts back on 35% of the system’s energy usage over time. This unit is perfect for residential homes that are ready to have purified, clean water.

Water Filtration

Next, we have water filtration, which is any method of filtering your water so that particles over a given size are taken out. This is important because there are some harmful particles that can exist in your water source that you’ll be better off without!

These kinds of contaminants can be dirt, debris, volatile organic compounds like paint, and even plastics. No amount of UV light would make these particles any less harmful for your body or plumbing system, but a filter can simply siphon them out while the rest of your clean water travels into your home.

Water Softening

What about minerals? Not every water source is devoid of minerals. For hard water that might be impacting your personal life or plumbing system, a water softener is a great tool to remedy this.

This system can easily remove minerals like magnesium or calcium from your water so that it’s more usable for laundry and cleaning. With a water softener, you can avoid mineral buildups in your pipes and also you’ll have more vibrant skin and hair too.


As water specialists, we wouldn’t be very good at our jobs if we didn’t have great workarounds for most household water issues. Perhaps you’ve got a plumbing issue instead of a potable water problem? We can take care of it!

The first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with us so we can take a closer look. Then, we’ll give you some suggestions as to what could better make your water more usable for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and more.

It’s time to contact the water treatment experts at American Pump and Drilling for your next water solution.

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How Water Treatment Systems Work

Monday, November 6th, 2023

Have you ever wondered whether a water filter would be right for your home? Perhaps you’ve seen products advertised on TV or the internet, showing a cool attachment for your sink or refrigerator. These can be cost-effective but are likely not the correct product for long-term treatment of your water.

The issue of impure water is a problem that goes back centuries. Ever since people have had homes, they’ve had to work hard making systems that clean water or at least make it usable for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and other work. Dirty water can not only spoil meals and make things uncomfortable in your home, but it’s just not as usable as clean, crisp water.

Our team specializes in whole home water filtration units that are designed to clean all of the water that gets drawn into or around your house. Whether it comes from a well or from your local municipality, whole house water filtration can be a powerful ally when trying to achieve clean, potable water.

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