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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977


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How Water Treatment Systems Work

Have you ever wondered whether a water filter would be right for your home? Perhaps you’ve seen products advertised on TV or the internet, showing a cool attachment for your sink or refrigerator. These can be cost-effective but are likely not the correct product for long-term treatment of your water.

The issue of impure water is a problem that goes back centuries. Ever since people have had homes, they’ve had to work hard making systems that clean water or at least make it usable for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and other work. Dirty water can not only spoil meals and make things uncomfortable in your home, but it’s just not as usable as clean, crisp water.

Our team specializes in whole home water filtration units that are designed to clean all of the water that gets drawn into or around your house. Whether it comes from a well or from your local municipality, whole house water filtration can be a powerful ally when trying to achieve clean, potable water.

Types of Water Filters

There are many different types of water filters, depending on your particular needs or wants. . For instance, if you’re dealing with biological contaminants in your water that can make you sick, like bacteria or parasites, then a UV purifier, also known as a UV filter, that irradiates single-celled organisms might be the right choice for you.

Other homes can benefit from charcoal water filters, or even reverse osmosis water filtration units that filter the water on a molecular level. With a reverse osmosis unit, even the smallest contaminants and particles are trapped and the result is clean water.

The Benefits of a Water Filter

Close your eyes and take a second to think of all the ways you might use water in your home. Maybe it’s for a glass of water. Perhaps you need to do a load of laundry today and you’d like to use a high-quality detergent to remove stains or improve the scent of your bed sheets. These are all tasks that require pure, filtered water in order to keep you healthy and your home comfortable.

Depending on the type of water filter you get, your water could become safer to consume as well. It might be cleaner and have a better odor for your clothes, and you might even enjoy bathing in it more.

This can be a big deal for people who have compromised immune systems and other conditions since bacteria and viruses in water can be dangerous to certain individuals.

Determining the Next Steps

How do you know if your home needs a water filter? Well, there are two ways to figure this out.

The first thing you can do is simply investigate your water on your own. Does it taste funny? Does it have an odor? Do you simply avoid using tap water at all costs and prefer bottled water or using jugs of purchased water from the grocery store? Then upgrading your home to have a water filter might save you a lot of money and stress.

Or, perhaps you don’t know about the quality of your home’s water. You can schedule a free water test with our professionals so we can tell you exactly what is in your water and what can be done to rectify it.

For more information on water purifiers or filtration systems, contact American Pump and Drilling.

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