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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977


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3 Signs of a Broken Well Pump

A well pump might not be as complex as some homeowners think. Yes, the technology is impressive and they should never be installed or repaired by anyone other than a licensed professional–but what they actually do is quite clear. A well pump simply pumps the water from underground on your property, and brings it into your house. Since it’s fighting against gravity, this might take some electricity and a little bit of ingenuity as well.

But if you turned on your faucet only to see a trickle of clean water come from your home’s plumbing system, then something isn’t working as it should be. Even an older well pump should still be able to provide you with a powerful stream of water when it’s needed. So, when it doesn’t, the sign should be clear that something is wrong and it needs repair.

Whether the source of the issue is your well or the pump itself, you need to call in well repair in Olympia so a trained professional can take a look at it. And here are some signs that it’s time to do that.

Low Water Pressure

One of the easiest signs of a well problem is your home’s water pressure. Water pressure should be kept at an even amount (usually between 45-80 pounds per square inch), which can be both beneficial for you and your fixtures.

For instance, water pressure that’s too low will trickle out of your faucet or shower, meaning you’ll be waiting a longer time to use a normal amount of water. This can be bad for your lifestyle.

Water pressure that’s too high can cause leaks and issues with your plumbing fixtures since they’re not designed for pressure that is too powerful.

While a high pressure problem is not usually a cause for immediate concern, low water pressure can definitely be a sign that the well pump or well piping itself is failing.

Uneven Water Flow

Water flow through your home should be consistent. The well pump pushes water up from your well and into your plumbing system at a regular rate, meaning there shouldn’t be any times of the day when your water pressure is inconsistent.

So, if you’re detecting uneven amounts of water flowing from your appliances, this could be a clear sign that your well pump or plumbing system is suffering from some problems.

No Water At All

This is a classic sign of a problem with your well or well components. The source of this kind of problem can be numerous, but luckily our experts can diagnose them pretty easily.

If you’re trying to access your property’s well water but you’re getting nothing from the faucet, shower, toilet, or any appliance in your home, then you have a serious problem.

It could be a failed water pump that isn’t pushing the water from your well into your home. It could simply be a pressure tank issue, or a larger issue like a hole in your drop pipe or an issue with the well itself.. There are a lot of reasons why this might happen, but all of them require a professional to diagnose and remedy.

Trust American Pump and Drilling for your well repairs.

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