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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977


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Reasons to Consider a Well Pump Installation

Well pumps don’t seem like a purchase that a homeowner would consider very often. They’re similar to other plumbing systems, like water heaters, that are usually only thought about once in a while.

But when you do start contemplating whether you need a well pump installation in Olympia, that’s when you’re confronted with a lot of new information. How are you supposed to know where to start? Who is a prime candidate for a new well pump installation and who should weigh their options?

As your local team of well pump experts, we’d like to discuss some of the reasons a homeowner might consider getting a new well pump installed or upgrading their old one. After reading this, you can always call our team for additional questions, concerns, or if you’d like to get started with the process. We’re happy to help!

Choosing a New Well Pump

The most common reason for choosing a new well pump installation is to replace an old or outdated system that’s not working properly. Here are a few reasons why you might want to invest in a new well pump.

  1. Replacing your old well pump. One of the main reasons to install a new well pump is simply due to the ineffectiveness or frequent issues of your old pump. Water pumps need to be reliable, and yours could be running into problems due to age, wear and tear, and more. A new well pump installation could provide you with relief in the future.
  2. The need for an upgrade. Perhaps there has been a population increase on your property which requires a larger supply of water. With more people comes the need for more water. A new well can be drilled and a pump set up to help deal with the situation.
  3. Upgrading from a single phase to three phase well pump. Upgrading your current single phase well pump to a three phase well pump will not only be more energy efficient but will provide less wear and tear on your well pump. It will provide constant pressure when you demand water and also requires a smaller pressure tank.
  4. Environmental changes. The land might not change hands but it might change physically. Perhaps some areas of your land have dried up, and others have seen an increase in the water table. In these situations, a new well with a fresh pump installation can give you the water you’re looking for.

It’s Ultimately Up to You!

We could continue to list off reasons why a person might want a new well drilled and a pump installed on their property, but everyone has their own perspective.

Every job is going to be different, and we want to make sure that you get the best advice and work available. Calling us would be the best place to start. We can walk you through what it might take to set up a new well pump system and if it’s the best idea for you and your family. We always let you make the final decision so you can feel comfortable with anything that gets done on your property.

You can always count on American Pump and Drilling for a smooth well pump installation in Olympia.

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