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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

Call Today: 360-754-7867

Serving Puget Sound Since 1977


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Treat Your Water the Right Way: Better Results With Water Purification

Many people are starting to understand the benefits of water filtration and purification. If it can be done with our air using UV light, then it can certainly be done with our water. That being said, this is not a job that can be easily done on your own.

Don’t worry, we’ll be the first people to tell you when a trip to the hardware store and a little bit of elbow grease can be the solution to your problem. But when it comes to well water treatment systems in Tenino, only a team of licensed professionals have the tools, experience, and knowledge to accurately remove contaminants from your water supply.

What’s the problem with DIY water treatment and how can professional experience help you? That’s what we aim to discuss in our blog today.

The Problem With DIY Work

Let’s first start by discussing why DIY water treatment solutions are not a viable option in your home. Sure, water purifiers and filters are everywhere, but if you’re going to choose and install it on your own, there are usually some issues that can come back to haunt you.

  • Not the right size. Water pressure is essential for different types of fixtures in your home. From your shower to your toilet, you need adequate water pressure so things can flow optimally. If your water treatment system is too small, too large, or just not in the right place, it could cause a problem with your available water supply and pressure.
  • Not targeting the right contaminants. Different water treatment systems target different problems. For instance, a water softener targets minerals that have dissolved in your water, while a UV water purifier targets biological contaminants. Both of these systems are different and require knowledge of how they work before you purchase one.
  • Improper set up or component removal. Sometimes you need to disassemble a part of your plumbing system in order to set up a water treatment system. This is a serious concern, because every plumbing system is different. Even one forgotten step or component could lead to bad leaks and a frustrating few hours.

Installing a DIY water treatment system installation is often more taxing, stressful, and sometimes expensive than just calling our team from the beginning of your project.

Where Professionals Can Help

Our team is well-equipped to handle whatever water treatment requests you might have. We can even test your water and target the contaminants with high-tech systems that are designed to work optimally in the right conditions.

An Example

Here’s an example. Let’s say your well water has a funky taste that you’d like to get rid of, and it also doesn’t adequately wash clothes or dishes. Your initial assumption might be that there’s a contaminant in it that needs to be filtered out with a powerful water filter. However, that could be a mistake and lead to hours of headaches, incorrectly purchased equipment, and no discernible difference.

That’s the American Pump and Drilling difference. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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