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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977


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What Can Go Wrong With DIY Well Pump Set Up?

So, you’ve thought about it and it’s time to set up a well pump on your property. You’ve done the proper research and discovered that there’s plenty of groundwater to be used in multiple locations on your residential property. What next? Do you grab the shovel and more extensive digging equipment and get to work creating your new well pump in Yelm, WA?

Well, no. We’re not even going to try to entertain the idea that a regular homeowner could set up a well pump without some serious ramifications. We appreciate the enthusiasm, but we’d like to avoid some disaster scenarios, including you accidentally hurting yourself in the process.

The equipment required to perform this task can be heavy-duty and might end up causing problems if they’re not operated by a professional.

You Can Hurt Yourself

Digging deep wells is a very difficult job. Either you spend thousands of dollars on expensive digging equipment that makes the DIY job not worth it, or you try to manually dig a lot yourself, which is back-breaking work. You could seriously hurt yourself or do irreparable damage to your body by trying to dig deep wells. Once a hole gets deep enough, you could even trip on it, fall into it, or twist your ankle walking over it. There are many hazards that happen every year due to people digging on their own property, so we think you should avoid this as much as possible.

You Might Strike a Gas or Electrical Line

Gas or electric lines lie underground everywhere. These lines can be extremely dangerous to puncture with digging equipment, to the point where there’s even a free service called 811 DIG which sends someone to mark up your property for municipal underground lines.

However, they can only mark the lines that are controlled by a utility or municipality. If you’ve got electrical lines running from your house to your garage, they won’t be able to mark them off. This is another reason to avoid this kind of work entirely and to leave it up to a professional with all the right resources and materials.

You Could Install It Incorrectly

You know what would be a terrible situation? To go through all that back-breaking work installing a well pump only for it to not work properly. We don’t even need to describe how upsetting and stressful this situation can be. We think you get the picture.

You Could Contaminate Your Water

Do you know where your sewer line or septic tank is? This location is absolutely vital to be aware of if you’re going to start digging for freshwater. After all, the moment your well water touches sewer or septic materials, then you’re going to be dealing with serious contamination to the point where it might not even be worth it to use that water anymore.

Think about this very carefully before you even consider doing any digging yourself. We recommend leaving this in the hands of a certified professional so there’s not even a chance that your water gets contaminated.

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