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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977


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If Your Water Heater Could Talk…

It would probably ask for repairs! That’s at least what we would tell a homeowner who might be experiencing problems right now. Water heaters can last a decade or more, depending on the type of water heating system we’re talking about. But in most cases, they’ll need to be fixed once or twice throughout their lifespan. This is usually the case with most home appliances.

However, pinpointing when your water heater needs repair is the tricky part of the equation. Is your water heater fine? Is it encountering a malfunction and requires water heater repair in Puyallup, WA? Or perhaps it’s on its way out? These are vital questions that need answers, especially when your budget is on the line.

Your water heater can’t tell you the answer to those questions, but if it could, here’s what it would probably say depending on the certain problem you’re experiencing.

It Would Tell You the Following:

Let’s pretend for a moment that your life was one of those well-animated movies of the 21st century and your water heater came to life. Before it broke out into song or decided to pop open it’s slightly-creepy eyeballs, it might want to tell you something based on some of the problematic symptoms its been experiencing. If you treat your water heater right, it might not be so upset with you when it wakes up and gains sentience!

“I Need to Be Flushed!”

If your water heater were to say that it needs to be flushed, then it’s likely in need of some serious maintenance. It’s recommended that a water heater get flushed every year due because sediment can start to build up in the system. Flushing the water heater allows some of the soft sediment at the bottom to be drained out so that the capacity and efficiency of the system stay in good shape.

“I Need My Anode Rod Replaced”

If your water heater needs an anode rod replacement, or repairs done on the anode rod, then you’re likely dealing with an issue of corrosion. Corrosion is a natural process where water eats away and rusts the metallic lining of a storage tank water heater. There’s not much that can be done to stop corrosion, but it can be dealt with by directing the corrosion to a sacrificial rod in the center of the tank known as the anode rod.

Eventually, once the anode rod corrodes, the next thing to go will be the tank itself, so be sure to have this component replaced when it’s needed.

“I Can’t Stop Leaking”

Uh oh, a leaking water heater is never a good sign. If you’ve got several buckets in your basement to catch the leaking water, then you’ve unfortunately got a temporary solution to a pretty serious problem. Be sure to call a professional to have your poor water heater repaired so it stops leaking and is allowed to work in a dry environment.

“I Could Use a Replacement”

If your water heater is suffering from a number of different problems, it might be time to retire it. A licensed professional will be able to give you their honest opinion when you schedule repairs or maintenance.

It’s time to contact the pros at American Pump and Drilling for your next water heater fix!

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