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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977


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When Well Decommissioning Is Vital: 4 Facts About Old Wells

Wells should never be left to the elements when they become unusable or abandoned. Just like an old construction site, they need to be cleaned up and the ecosystem needs to be allowed to return to what it was before we were there.

This isn’t just for environmental reasons, but it can help reduce costs in the future and contributes to cleaner water for everyone in the area. Well decommissioning in Lacey is a tricky subject and one that we’d like to clear up with our customers.

If you think your old well needs to be decommissioned, or if you’ve got an abandoned well on your property that was left without decommissioning, then you should call us and continue reading this blog.

Learning About an Old Well

Old wells are everywhere, and decommissioning is an important aspect of them. But in order to know just what you’re dealing with, we need to talk about some of the important facts of this kind of process. So, hopefully after reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of why well decommissioning is important, and why you should trust a team of professionals to get this done.

  • Abandoned wells can be unsafe. Abandoned wells can sometimes have old rusty pipes sticking out of them, contaminating elements, and even critters living in them if they’re left without decommissioning. Having these kinds of wells on your property is very unsafe.
  • Wells left abandoned can be bad for the environment. Wells provide the environment with open access to groundwater, which can be a problem when contaminants seep into them. An abandoned well could actually pollute groundwater in nearby wells without being decommissioned professionally.
  • It’s illegal to abandon a well without decommissioning. You could face fines in the future for leaving an abandoned well without decommissioning. This is legally required, and something that is enforceable by local municipalities.
  • Decommissioning a well helps future generations. One of the most important aspects of well decommissioning is the categorization and mapping of various wells throughout the area. This might not seem like a big deal from day to day, but after many years, it’s going to be important information for anyone who is living after we’re gone. Knowing where wells used to be and that they’ve been properly labeled and decommissioned will make future generations able to use the land/water more responsibly and easily.

Hire the Right Team

Well decommissioning can sound like a complicated process, especially if you start looking it up online. Thankfully, you don’t have to!

Our team provides thorough well decommissioning services for anyone in the area. We follow local and state regulations to ensure that everything is completed by the book, so you have nothing to worry about.

It’s time to decommission your old well the right way–with the help of American Pump and Drilling!

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