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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

Call Today: 360-754-7867

Serving Puget Sound Since 1977


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Every Well Pump Requires a Well Pump Controller!

The more you do your research into plumbing equipment, the more confusing everything gets, right? It’s not by design: real plumbing work is more like a science than a business. In order to fully bring water to your home, you’ll need both a well pump, several other components, and a pump control box that is in charge of the speed and output of the water that’s stored in your pump.

Today, we’d like to talk a bit about how a well pump works and why you might want to call our team for specialized service. This is way more complicated than just digging a well in the old days. If you want enough water to run when you turn on the faucet or shower in your home, then you’re going to want a high-tech system that can easily measure the output and ability of your well pump. With us, your well pump controller in Olympia, WA will be in great shape for the future.

What the Pump Controller Does

Before we can talk to you about the necessity of a pump controller for any well pump system, we need to talk about how it works in the first place.

A pump controller, also known as a pump control box, is a component of the well system that protects the pump from low or high voltage, water level changes, clogged screens, malfunctions, and other things. It’s like the “brain” of your well pump system and it’s pretty much a requirement if you want your well to operate safely and effectively.

In the old days, wells used to be manually operated, which was a total pain. You couldn’t get easy access to water in your home because the technology just wasn’t there. And more often then not, homes that did have access to freshwater from a well were rife with problems since there was no technology to monitor the speed and pressure of the water, as well as other component malfunctions.

Here are just a few things that used to (and still do) go wrong with wells that don’t have control.

What Can Go Wrong

How is your well supposed to know how much water is needed in your home? For instance, when you turn on a faucet, that’s going to require a different amount of water and pressure than turning on the shower or a laundry machine. And, if you turn them all on at once, something needs to make sure you don’t just open access to a massive amount of groundwater that lies below the surface.

A pump controller will simply monitor all of this as it happens. It has sensors that stop too much water from reaching your house at too high a speed. It can also measure the voltage needed to pump the water, so you’ve always got accurate estimates of how the system is working and how much electricity is required to run it.

Professional Help Is Here!

We know this all sounds complicated, which is why our team can take care of all of it. It’s just important that your well pump has a controller system in the first place.

Contact American Pump and Drilling to make sure your well pump controller is installed properly.

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