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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

Call Today: 360-754-7867

Serving Puget Sound Since 1977


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Well, Well, Well … Something Is Wrong With Your Well

For many homeowners, well water is the only option when it comes to having access to clean, affordable water. Other people might be able to use their city’s municipal water lines, but even that comes with a price. For some of our customers, it’s just more affordable and makes more sense to have a well drilled on your property, especially if you know that there’s adequate clean water to be used.

The problem is that over time, without proper professional attention and maintenance, a well can run into some serious issues that can make a homeowner’s life a lot more difficult. Things like leaks, pressure problems, and contaminants can cause your life to get stuck without the right professional to handle the repairs.

Well, you’re in luck! Our team provides handy well pump repairs in Olympia, WA so that you can get back to your normal life while we take care of the problem for you.

Three Problems That Require Professional Attention

In order for you to know when you need a pro, it’s important to be able to identify problems that could be a big nuisance and even a health concern in specific circumstances. The pros on our team don’t live at your house, which means they can’t really decide when repairs are required and when they’re not, that’s mostly for homeowners to decide. Once you’ve got a good idea as to what’s plaguing your well pump, then we can get to work fixing it or even diagnosing the problem correctly.

A Well Pump Leak

Well pumps can leak anywhere, from the start of the pump on your property to the main water line inside of your home. If you detect any leaking water, puddles, or even soggy parts of your property where the well is located, then you’re going to want to call a professional for repairs.

Water Pressure Issues

The water that comes from your well pump needs to be pressurized enough to be useful. Low water pressure, or water pressure that’s too high, can be a problem in the long run and for your convenience. Our team can get your water pressure fixed simply with a few extra tweaks or the replacement of a pressure regulator.


There are two main types of contamination to be aware of: organic and inorganic. Organic contamination would be something like viruses, bacteria, or mold entering your water supply and causing some serious health concerns. These might seem like serious problems, but the solution to them is simple. We can help you find the right technology, like a UV water purifier, that will systematically eliminate all of the biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses.

For inorganic contaminants, things might get a bit more complicated. Sometimes, things like sand or dirt can be dredged up in your well pump which can severely hinder the quality of water in your well pump. Other times, inorganic contaminants can be microscopic plastics, metals, and other things that can be unhealthy or difficult for your plumbing. Regardless, there are water filtration systems that can help keep your water safe and healthy.

American Pump and Drilling is here to help with your well pump repairs. Contact us today!

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