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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

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Why Professional Well Drilling Is Required

Drilling under the ground is a very complex task. There’s a lot to consider, it requires some pretty expensive equipment, and depending on how deep you need to drill, things can get exceptionally difficult. That’s why in some states, not only is well drilling nearly impossible to do on your own, but it can be illegal for someone who is unlicensed to try and do this work.

But the question we’re asking today is why is well drilling so difficult and why might a professional be required for this kind of work. They may be simple questions, but their answers are a lot more complicated, which we’ll get into down below.

If you’re a homeowner who’s looking to gain access to water on your property, the good news is that you’re already halfway there! Our experienced, professional team can get this done for you, just choose us as your next well drilling contractor in Tumwater.

What’s Under the Ground?

The first thing that we need to talk about whenever well drilling is brought up–is the ground. The contents of what lies below each property are going to differ greatly. Some homes are built upon tons of rock and clay that formed through ancient geological processes. Other houses are built on soft, loamy soil that’s quite easy to dig through (and exceptionally good for gardening). These are only two examples, but they can differ drastically since they both might have a large amount of water hidden underneath.

In order to properly and efficiently drill on your property for a well, we need to evaluate what might be below the dirt that lies at your feet. Also, we need the right equipment that can handle this kind of work, which is why it’s imperative to work with a team of professionals.

Expensive Equipment

Digging for a well isn’t like it was in the old days. It’s not just a bunch of contractors with shovels taking shifts, we use extremely effective digging equipment that can remove lots of dirt. We even use powerful drills that can break apart rock and remove it when it’s in the way of groundwater.

However, this equipment isn’t easy to purchase for yourself to use and you have to hold a license from the Department of Ecology in order to do so.. for your well.

Experience and Efficiency

There’s a lot of experience required for digging a well properly, and even just a small deviation from the process could lead to some huge problems. Not to mention the fact that professional well diggers are educated and licensed to do the work properly, which means you’ll have a professional to complete the project.

You can always count on American Pump and Drilling for a job well done. Contact us today!

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