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Serving Puget Sound Since 1977

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Weather Events and Well Service

It’s no secret that we’ve had some pretty intense weather events this year. We’re not just talking about our own area in Washington, but rather the entire country has gone through once-in-a-lifetime weather events that have done a number on our outdoor installations like wells.

But here’s the thing–every residential well is going to function differently leading to unique situations. Some of our neighbors might have a well that’s fine and in the same position that it was in earlier this year, while others have a water source that’s starting to taste, smell, or look funny.

If you belong in the second category, then we urge you to stop searching online for “well service near me,” and call American Pump & Drilling or schedule an appointment online. It’s faster, easier, and we can diagnose the problem in record time.

Don’t let your well become a victim of the weather!

Ways to Detect a Faulty Well

First, let’s start with a few ways that you as a homeowner can detect that your well is in rough shape. This could be due to weather events, or it might be due to a number of different factors. We’d advise customers to let a professional diagnose the situation when it comes down to it.

  • The taste of the water has changed. You know the taste of your home’s water better than anyone else. If you drink from your tap pretty regularly, then you might be keen to detect when the taste has changed. It might taste more sour, sweeter, or like there’s minerals in it, but either way that signals something is different.
  • The smell of the water has changed. Does your water have a noticeable odor now? This should not be the case, and we’d argue it’s a good reason to shut off your tap and call our team as soon as possible. Your water might not be safe to drink like it used to be.
  • The look of your water has changed. Sure, sometimes water can take on a reddish hue due to rust in your pipes being washed away, but that’s not always the case. Any long-term change in the color of your water should signal you that there’s something wrong.

When Weather Events Cause Problems

So, what if your water doesn’t actively look, smell, or taste different? Does that mean your well is in perfect shape and you’re good to go? Not exactly.

Weather events could cause problems for your well system that might not be detected by your nose or mouth. For instance, if your area has undergone any serious flooding this summer, (or if you noticed your basement flooding at a certain point) then you might want to have your well system checked at least. There could have been an influx of contaminants and other problematic materials in your groundwater source that’s making it unsafe to drink.

We want our customers to stay vigilant and be ready to call for help when they notice something is wrong.

Contact American Pump and Drilling for help with your well water system today.

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